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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

4 months

I can't believe how fast time is flying! I have always told friends with babies to enjoy every minute because time is gone before you know it. But it's crazy to experience it one again. I was so young when I had my first 2 that I don't think I appreciated it as much, and now my oldest son is 13 today! Crazy!

On Monday, the twins turned 4 months. And as I posted this I realize I didn't even post the 3 month pictures so those will be next. Both of them are really getting personalities and smiling a lot.  They absolutely love their older siblings, smiling at them constantly. Both are beginning to babble, reach out for toys on their play mat, sleep a little longer at night and notice each other a little more. This last month they went in the pool for the first time. Andrew loved it Kamdyn did pretty good! 

Kamdyn is just a beautiful little baby. Get eyes light up when she smiles and they are still staying bright blue we'll see if that lasts! She hates being on her tummy. Loves to watch faces. She drools like crazy and makes bubbles with her spit! She is definitely not a lady like one, she's always farting like a man, kids crack up at it! Her personality is a little more reserved than Andrew she really takes you in before showing her smile.

Andrew is handsome as can be! He smiles almost always and smiles huge at big sister Ry. His eyes have changed more to gray and he is very bald! He enjoys playing on his tummy or back in the play mat just watching each item swinging. When he is next to Kamdyn he always reaches out and grabs her hand or arm, she screams at him! He is almost always happy but when he's mad wow you know it!

I am truly blessed with these beautiful babies. Don't get me wrong there are days it's hard but seeing their smiles is truly a reward. I am amazed at how much patience I have and how I've just adjusted to not being very productive! Trust me there are days it makes me crazy to do nothing but nurse all the time but everything has it's season and in enjoying this one.

Here's there crazy photo shoot. I am definitely a horrible photographer. That's Phil 's job!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

March of dimes... March for babies

Today was our first 5k walk for the March of dimes foundation. With the babies being born premature at 32 weeks, spending 3 weeks in the NICU, we wanted to give back somehow! This week be our new yearly tradition to honor the journey we have taken with the twins abd the strength we gained from it. 

It was a great day with the family. Grandma and grandpa also walked. We also have great friends Chad and Milisa who walked, they supported our team and our other friends the Aguirre's for team little Reuben! What an amazing day!

With our family team we raised about $1300 dollars, not bad for the first year and we're hoping to only increase this each year on out! Thank you so much too all of you who gave to Team Bardos twins, K & A.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

2 months already!

This pAst Friday the twins turned 2 months old. It's crazy how fast that came and went! Since I see them everyday they look as though they haven't grown much but I know they have. We go to the doctor tomorrow for an official weigh in but I would assume they are right around a normal newborns weight of 7 to 9 pounds.
Life has gone back to the normal busy days for the Bardos bunch. Now we just have a stroller and two car seats in tow. The : babies have been to the ice rink for big brother Matt's hockey, honor roll awards for big brother Dillan, the dance studio for big sister Lyndsay's dance class, the park for big sister Devyn's track and field and had time to hang out with big sister Ryleigh and her boyfriend! These babies are loved by so many, kissed on all the time and smothered with excitement still from their siblings. I'm sure it will all wear off eventually but for now I'm just absorbing it all.

Milestones and Memories

Kamdyn and Andrew, you are still sleeping side by side in the your twin pack n play from GG Ellen. When one of you cries the other stays sounds asleep next to the other. Kamdyn you have found your voice with a bloody murder screeching cry. Both of you are the messiest eaters, we go through bibs and burp cloths like crazy. It drives daddy crazy how much of a mess you guys make, lol. Andrew you are spitting up almost always after you eat. We haven't had any voluntary smiles yet but you are awake a little more these days. Sleep is still happening in about 3 hour intervals, if I'm lucky I get one four hour period at night! For the most part you both stay on schedule together, eating at the same times, it makes my life easier but I'm already trying to teach you patience, lol! When it's mealtime I change each of your diapers before and boy do you love to scream while waiting, I tell you both to be patient and wait for the other to get changed. So far neither of you are being very good listeners! LOL! Daddy and I love you so much and are enjoying watching you grow!

Kamdyn and Andrew...2 months old, yes she's usually awake more then him!
I think she is thinking, get off me dude!
This was the attempt before they ate, don't know what I was thinking because they are "hangry"
Seriously mom!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Dedicating the twins to God

On Saturday February 7th, we participated in a ceremony at our church, Grove Community Church, called a baby dedication. This ceremony is to signify that we will raise our children in a christian home, teaching them about God, the bible and his amazing unconditional love and forgiveness. With these teachings it will be our hope that they make the choice to be baptised one day and continue to grow in their faith. We invited our closest family and friends. We know that it takes a village to raise kids and all of these people we wanted here to know how important their roles are in the kids lives. We shared in the ceremony, dinner at the house and then a fun night at Matt's hockey game. He loved having so many supporters that night!

Now we know we aren't perfect people or Christians but we do try our best each day. And in our life we know the most influenced individuals are our children, all 8 of them (I'm still not used to saying that yet)! We will continue to strive to better our faith so that the children see this and do the same. My hope is that each of the kids will be strong enough in their faith to share it with others, not necessarily with words but instead with actions. It is the things we do for others without looking for gratification that truly show the character we portray. I know that this is not easy each day but when we are able to do this with God's love behind it. We then learn more about him and ourselves. Now for me, I need to grow in my faith with daily reading in the bible and turning toward his plan each day. Easier said than done but like I said we aren't perfect. Guess what....He loves us anyway! What a mighty and powerful God!

In the ceremony we were to choose individuals we want to help us guide these babies in their faith. We asked all of our family members here to help with that however we also asked our mother's to be the matriarchs to truly lead them. You'll see beautiful pictures of my mom, Sandi, holding Kamdyn and Phil's mom, Anita, holding Andrew.

Photo session with Milisa...Love with Flare Photography

We are so fortunate to have a great friend in our life that has an amazing talent for photography. Milisa came over to the house and did an all day photo shoot with the twins. The best part was just hanging out with her all day, then having her husband Chad and son Jaxson come over after! We are so blessed to have them as some of our best friends.

This was the first time Milisa had shot twins so we both pinned some ideas from pintrest and tried them out. I really wanted to get some of those adorable crochet outfits but it didn't work out so we went with things we had! Here were the awesome results! There were so many more but these are my favorite...

Thursday, February 19, 2015

One month old!

These precious babies turned one month on this day, January 27. We spent our first eek at home with them getting to know their little personalities a little more. Their amazing siblings were all able to meet them in person and help take care of them. Each of the kids have been so helpful with everything and amazingly loving each day to our beautiful new additions.

3 week...better late than never

I just wanted to post pictures for all of the weeks that I took! Here are 3 week photos.

This was an extremely eventful day...we visited babies in the morning to get my 3 week picture. Then we ran a few errands and next thing we knew the hospital called to say we could take them home. The most exciting thing was they both got to come home! They graduated from the nicu together.

We are so extremely grateful to the nicu staff at Parkview community hospital. We learned a ton from these amazing nurses and doctors. They helped us get through a difficult time. Most of all they fought just as hard for or babies as we did. They challenged them to reach milestones, encouraged them and touched our hearts forever. Thank you to each of you that had a shift with the Bardos Twins!