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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

4 months

I can't believe how fast time is flying! I have always told friends with babies to enjoy every minute because time is gone before you know it. But it's crazy to experience it one again. I was so young when I had my first 2 that I don't think I appreciated it as much, and now my oldest son is 13 today! Crazy!

On Monday, the twins turned 4 months. And as I posted this I realize I didn't even post the 3 month pictures so those will be next. Both of them are really getting personalities and smiling a lot.  They absolutely love their older siblings, smiling at them constantly. Both are beginning to babble, reach out for toys on their play mat, sleep a little longer at night and notice each other a little more. This last month they went in the pool for the first time. Andrew loved it Kamdyn did pretty good! 

Kamdyn is just a beautiful little baby. Get eyes light up when she smiles and they are still staying bright blue we'll see if that lasts! She hates being on her tummy. Loves to watch faces. She drools like crazy and makes bubbles with her spit! She is definitely not a lady like one, she's always farting like a man, kids crack up at it! Her personality is a little more reserved than Andrew she really takes you in before showing her smile.

Andrew is handsome as can be! He smiles almost always and smiles huge at big sister Ry. His eyes have changed more to gray and he is very bald! He enjoys playing on his tummy or back in the play mat just watching each item swinging. When he is next to Kamdyn he always reaches out and grabs her hand or arm, she screams at him! He is almost always happy but when he's mad wow you know it!

I am truly blessed with these beautiful babies. Don't get me wrong there are days it's hard but seeing their smiles is truly a reward. I am amazed at how much patience I have and how I've just adjusted to not being very productive! Trust me there are days it makes me crazy to do nothing but nurse all the time but everything has it's season and in enjoying this one.

Here's there crazy photo shoot. I am definitely a horrible photographer. That's Phil 's job!

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